Have you ever had the experience of feeling out of sync with your lover in sex?

Or perhaps find you get stuck in your head + difficulty in connecting to your pleasure or orgasm?

Maybe you’re feeling that your sex has become lack luster + you’re craving something deeper + more satisfying.



A journey through discovery, healing, revelations, + transcendence. 
Whether it’s a foundation to anchor ourselves to;
An inspiration to ignite our passion + motivation to go deeper;
A container to hold us in;
Or a rhythm to move us…
The right music can do exactly that.
...The right music can do exactly that. 

Your guide to creating the best soundscape for your sex or psychedelic experience includes topics on:

  • Finding Your Intention
  • Sex as a Journey
  • How long do you have for this sexual journey? 
  • Time + Production
  • The Erotic Arche
  • What's your Initiation Style?
  • Aftercare
  • Lyrics or No Lyrics?
  • Playlists + Inspiring Artists
  • Ongoing Inspiration

my gift to you.